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Intergrated Communications Solutions

Hosted Telephony
Hosted IP Telephony follows a model similar to traditional Centrex, where Online dB provides access to ValueNet's points of presence. ValueNet owns and manages all of the necessary network equipment and hosts it in their Point of Presence (PoP), delivered to the business over broadband access from ValueNet's point of presence. This provides a cost-effective, feature-rich service at very reasonable prices.
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Online dB's Hosted IP solution utilises state of the art phones, such as the Cisco IP 7960 and 7940, and the Linksys 941/2. These phones enable your business with multi-line presence, call logs, caller id and seamless Voice Mail.
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Online dB provides a comprehensive set of support services for our Managed VoIP solutions.
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Online Database
Online dB is comitted to supporting and maintaining the ODB database system.
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